St James Anglican Church Website This site was created as my Applied Portfolio project for a local church. Currently this site is only done in HTML and CSS with a little bit of JavaScript.

 Multiculturalism Website This site was the final project in the first-year Website Development course. This was completed in a team/group using HTML and CSS.

 Robertson's Candy Website This site was done as an industry project for Robertson's Candy in Truro. The entire Web Dev class designed and developed the template for this site.

 Environment Safety Website This site was created for the safety and environmental officers as part of their annual inspection for the military

 HERH Site This site was created as a favor to the band director at Hants East Rural High school. This site was never actually put online.

 Knox United Church Website This site was my Capstone project completed during my Web Development course. It integrated teamwork, self-learning, and project management by having me work with a partner to develop an industry project using the self-taught language of PHP with MySQL.

 PGI Website This content management system was developed as a work term project for Performance Genomics Inc. (1999). It was never fully finished after the 10 weeks. PGI Client Side
PGI Admin Panel